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CPA vs Accountant: 5 Big Questions To Consider


what can a cpa do that an accountant can t

Even though their titles are often used interchangeably, they perform different services. CPAs can do everything accountants do, but accountants can’t do everything CPAs do. If you’re considering working with a CPA or an accountant, you may want to consult with a financial advisor what is a cpa first. Try using SmartAsset’s free advisor matching tool to find advisors that serve your area. There are primary functions that accountants and CPAs have to conduct. The primary functions that a CPA has to conduct are carrying out assurance services or public accounting.

FMG Suite is not affiliated with the named representative, broker — dealer, state — or SEC — registered investment advisory firm. The opinions expressed and material provided are for general information, and should not be considered a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security. While all accounting professionals try to give the average small business their very best, the CPA license requires a focus on ethical behavior and professional excellence. To become a CPA, a candidate generally needs to obtain a high amount of credit hours in accounting, but doesn’t have to have a degree in accounting. They do have to be able to pass the uniform CPA examination, an exam that’s taken through the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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A Certified Public Accountant is a professional designation earned after completing education requirements, working in the accounting field, and passing an examination. Predominately, accountants typically perform the routine work, and they can complete tax returns. However, CPAs are alternatively responsible for analyzing the https://www.bookstime.com/ work, representing you and on the behalf of your business at a tax audit, and helping you make more high-level business and tax decisions. Prepare audited or reviewed financial statements and file a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission . All public companies must file audited financial statements with the SEC.

In fact, all public companies are required to be audited, every year, by a CPA. Typically, a CPA in Miami is likely to be more educated and experienced in the field of accounting than someone noncertified.


CPAs will give you an unbiased report and make sure everything is up to snuff. Accounting is basically the process of recording and reporting of the business and financial transactions. When it comes to which is better between the two, I can say both are the best at their places, depending on your priorities, time, and cost involved. If you opt for CPA, you will go through with international laws, principles, and standards. The passing CPA exam is comparatively tougher than any accountancy certification.

  • The Enron scandal in 2001 resulted in major changes in the accounting industry, including the fact that Arthur Andersen, one of the nation’s top accounting firms, went out of business.
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  • CPAs can do everything accountants do, but accountants can’t do everything CPAs do.

In addition, they help companies manage their money, taxes and investments in a manner specified by laws and regulations. In a world context, CPAs drive the financial reporting and advisory services in business and industry to foster growth and success. CPAs are certified and hence they are considered to be the most trusted advisors for finance. CPAs can only perform this audit, and only they can issue the required reports.

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